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ITElite SRA50019-3x3MIMO





Antena Dual Pol 5.1-5.9GHz, MIMO 3x3, 3x18dBi, IP66, 3 conectore NF

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Antenna Key features

  • 3x19dBi Directional Gain
  • Three Polarization in One Case
  • Integrated enclosure
  • Mounting for Mikrotik 411, 433, 600, series
  • Mounting for Ubiquiti Rocket
  • High Quality Construction
  • Heavy-Duty Mounting Elements
  • Easy Elevation and Tilt Adjustment
  • 5 Years Warranty
  • Designed for All Weather Operation

Antenna Applications

  • 5 GHz Band Wireless LAN
  • IEEE 802.11a WLAN Systems
  • 802.11n/MIMO standard
  • 3x3 MIMO applications
  • Nstreme dual configuration
  • Point to Point Applications

Antenna Specification

Electrical Properties

Frequency range5.1 - 5.9 GHz
Gain3x19 dBi
PolarizationV,H,V or H,V,H
Beam width horizontal20°
Beam width vertical20°
Impedance50 ohm
Front to back ratio dB
Port isolation dB

Mechanical Properties

Connector3x SMA
Windload km/h
Mounting pole Φ
RoHS CompliantYes

Enclosure Properties

MaterialUV protected PS
Outside dimensions386x386x81.5mm/15.15x15.15x3.2
Weight2.33 kg / 5.14 lbs
Temperature range-40 +80°C /-40 +176°F
Lightning protectionDC ground