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Cambium Networks XV2-2T0



Cambium Networks

Mod. XV2-2T0

Dual Radio Wi-Fi 6 Outdoor AP, 802.11ax 2x2 5GHz and 2.4GHz WLAN Access Point with Integrated Omni Antenna, 2.5GbE, PoE Out 30V/48V, BLE. RoW version

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Unique Antenna Design

The XV2-2T0’s high-efficiency antennas deliver a maximum of 9 dBi and an average of 7 dBi gain over 360 degrees in 5 GHz, delivering maximum gain and minimum nulls. The XV2-2T1 delivers a maximum of 13.5 dBi gain over a 120 degree sectored area in 5GHz. The antenna design enables the XV2-2T access points to deliver consistent coverage for optimal user experience.

Cover Areas with Fewer Outdoor Access Points

Longer range and higher performance at range means that you can cover an area with significantly less equipment, backhaul infrastructure, cabling, installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

Combined with a highly attractive price point, both the initial investment in the solution and the total cost of ownership over its lifetime are dramatically reduced.

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“The XV2-2T has high-gain antennas that consistently supported excellent performance at extended ranges. During the event, one AP covered the entire facility and delivered sufficient bandwidth to stream video from the event with no problems to 157 unique user devices. Users were able to connect across the stadium to the AP at distances of several hundred meters with no issues.” – T. Geoff Turner, CEO, Elevate Technology Group
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