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AirLive WL-5480USBv2




Mod. WL-5480USBv2

Adaptador USB inalámbrico de 2.4GHz, 802.11g, incluye una antena panel de 8dBi

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The WL-5480USB-80 is a high performance 802.11g USB with detachable antenna. It is designed to allow your PC to reach the longest distance possible. Rated at 17dBm power, the device offer one of longest distance for WLAN USB adapter.

Detachable 8dBi Antenna
The included 8dBi patch antenna is the most compact high gain patch antenna in the market, providing up to 3 times the coverage of standard 5dBi. The antenna can tile and swivel in all 3 axis for precise alignment. It is perfect for long distant client use. For even more demanding application, the antenna can be removed and replaced with other antenna for even longer range or wider coverage.
Software AP Function

In addition to the WLAN USB adapter function, the WL-5480USB can also works as an USB adapter. The Software AP function to let the device working as an AP when connected to your PC. The drivers for Windows and Linux are included.