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Altelix LCW6NMNF





N-Macho to N-Hembra 5GHz WiFi. Protector contra descargas eléctricas

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The Altelix LCW6NMNF is a coaxial Lightning Protector that operates over the frequency range of 5-6 GHz making it ideal for 5GHz 802.11a applications. This unit offers DC-Short Quarter Wave protection with high surge power handling multi-strike capability. Electrical surges such as from lightning strikes occur at low frequencies outside the LCW6NMNF operating range. Much like a signal filter, these surges are diverted to the protector’s ground. It features type N-Male to N-Female coaxial connectors.


  • Full 5GHz Band Coverage (5000-6000MHz)
  • Maintenance Free - No Gas Tube to Replace
  • DC Short Design
  • High Surge Power and Multi-Strike Capability
  • Low Loss and VSWR


  • 5GHz 802.11a/ac/n, MIMO
  • WIFI, WLAN Access Points and Bridges
  • 5GHz Wireless Video Systems
  • Feedlines to Outdoor Antennas
  • Tower Installations