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Cambium Networks ePMP 1000 5GHz



Cambium Networks

ePMP 1000 5GHz conectorizado

La Radio Conectada ePMP 1000 de Cambium Networks proporciona más de 150 Mbps de rendimiento real del usuario. Al utilizar tecnologías 2x2 MIMO-OFDM, las implementaciones de ePMP alcanzan velocidades de datos líderes en la industria.

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Cambium Networks’ ePMP 1000 Connectorized Radio provides more than 150 Mbps of real user throughput. Using 2x2 MIMO-OFDM technologies, ePMP deployments achieve industry leading data rates.

The ePMP 1000 Connectorized Radio has the flexibility to connect to a variety of external antennas such as 90 and 120 degree sector, omni and high-gain panel antennas. This versatility allows service providers to configure their network using high gain antennas to satisfy the most challenging environments.

The ePMP 1000 Connectorized Radio can be configured as a Subscriber Module, an unsynchronized Access Point or a Backhaul radio. This radio will function as a client (slave) to an ePMP GPS Synchronized Radio in either a PMP or PTP deployment forming a GPS Synchronized solution.